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Activities in Open Rails

Activities and timetables populate the tracks with trains and stock which your train must work with. Well-designed activities challenge you to operate your train effectively and evaluate your performance. Activities are also useful in providing tutorials to help you get the most out of Open Rails. See Australia's Zig-Zag Railway for some very effective steam-based tutorials.

Developing Activities - 1

A great place to start would be the free Siskiyou Route from the USA. The creator, Dale Rickert, has assembled a package of instructions, examples and even videos to show how to create both simple and demanding activities. (The download is still available through the amazing Wayback Machine even though the website has died.)

The quality of these diagrams reflects the effort that Dale has put into creating this resource.

This resource also features building shunting operations for AI trains, which makes for some fascinating activities.

Developing Activities - 2

Peter Murdock and Dan Reid have collaborated over a set of activities with a tutorial to help people "get started" with shunting activities in Open Rails.

The activities are based on the free BNSF Scenic Route currently being offered by TrainSimulations (see our homepage). There's a version for the route prior to 20-Oct-2020 and another for the more recent route. You can find them by searching the "Open Rails - Open Rails Activities" section of the TrainSim.com Library or download from these links:

Developing Activities - 3

Peter Newell has provided 13 simple activities each designed to showcase an advanced feature of Open Rails. Use them as well for testing your stock by replacing his consists with your own.

The topics include refilling and refuelling, visual and lighting effects, couplers, bearing temperature and braking.