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Three Versions of Open Rails

Three versions of Open Rails are readily available to users, as shown below:

For first-time users, we recommend the Stable Version which comes with an installer.


Whichever version you choose, Open Rails has a mechanism to notify you of new versions and to update Open Rails for you. You will find the settings for this mechanism in Menu > Options > Update

Open Rails will check for updates at most once a day. If an update is found, then you can install the update just by clicking on the link in the top, right corner:

Testing Version

If you follow the Open Rails project on the forums, then you will hear about bug-fixes and new features. These are included in the Unstable Version for developers and testers to try out. Once they have been checked and approved, they are published (on Friday) as the latest Testing Version. Any user can easily update to the current weekly Testing Version and benefit from these improvements.

Recent Code Changes

  • T1.4-148-ge5d8f1cf2 Merge pull request #559 from Csantucci/Distributed-power-cab-display
    https://blueprints.launchpad.net/or/+spec/distributed-power: Distributed power cab display and controls
    • c7f1150b Distributed power: consider also Loco Brake in the value of BC
    • 11fd74b5 Distributed power: update OR manual
    • 83ed063e Distributed Power: compress UoM strings of load
    • e24a796e Distributed power: manage yellow colour for dynamic brake display
    • 7ff949bb Distributed Power: use ORTS_SIGNED_TRACTION_BRAKING to compute load
    • 394972a3 Distributed power: remove wrong Flow field and correct wrong load field, by mbm_OR
    • 3d3e37af Distributed Power: pass LoadUnits to GetDPuStatus()
    • 6dd7738d Distributed power: cleanup scaling issues and make DP screen page background transparent
    • 9e80053e Update Source/Documentation/Manual/cabs.rst : improve text
      Co-authored-by: Cedric GNIEWEK
    • 37a83884 Distributed power: added missing picture
    • aaeb2517 Distributed power: improve typo fix
    • ef03f09c Distributed power: fix typo in usings
    • 26bd936f Distributed power: cabview display and controls
  • T1.4-134-gf1451af10 Merge pull request #551 from pzgulyas/timetable-or
    > @cjakeman, @twpol, could you please explain the reason of discrepancy between the two above linked descriptions?
    Sharpe49 is quite correct.
    The Open Rails Triage delivers a report of the active submissions for James to monitor. I don't think it takes any action.
    The process for peer-reviewers is set out in Contributing.md
    Hope that helps,
    • 0aa1e46c Make handling the timetable-or extension consistent.
  • T1.4-132-g8ed228436 Merge pull request #566 from mbm-OR/bugfix/Fix-F5causesORtocrash
    Fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/or/+bug/1956262. F5 causes OR crash.
    • 04d1bb7c Fix improved
    • b022de2d Fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/or/+bug/1956262. F5 causes OR crash.

See more code changes

The current Testing Version can also be downloaded as a Zip archive:


21 January 2022, 79MB

Note: Multiple versions of Open Rails will not interfere if they are saved to different folders.

Unstable Version

To support development, the latest unstable version is also available, which is updated as and when we make changes to it. Previous unstable versions are available. The unstable versions are more likely to contain serious bugs and are only recommended for users wishing to help with Open Rails development.


Improvements to Open Rails are drawn from several public sources as shown here:

We try to make sure that these changes all work and fit together by reviews as marked in orange in the diagram.