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Installation Questions from the FAQ

Which platforms does Open Rails run on?

Open Rails works well on Windows PCs from Windows XP* onwards (including Windows 10). It does not work on Windows XBox, Windows Phone or non-Windows platforms.

* Windows XP requires Service Pack 3 (SP3).

32-bit or 64-bit Windows?

Open Rails is currently a 32-bit program that will run on either 32-bit Windows or 64-bit Windows. When run on a 64-bit Windows system there are some benefits as follows.

Programs compiled for 32-bit Windows are always limited to using a maximum of 2GB of memory. Many current PCs, especially 64-bit systems, have more than this. Fortunately it is possible to compile a program, for 64-bit systems only, which can use up to 4GB of memory and this is called a Large Address Aware (LAA) option. The downloads include both the usual version and the LAA version and you choose between them in the Options form.

What hardware does Open Rails require?

  • Processor : 2.0 GHz (32 or 64-bit)
  • Memory : minimum = 0.5 GB, recommended = 2 GB
  • Hard drive : 40 MB (but models require lots of space. The 6 routes in Microsoft Train Simulator require 1.4 GB)
  • Graphics Hardware : minimum = 128 MB dedicated video RAM with Pixel Shader 2.0, recommended = 256 MB RAM with Pixel Shader 3.0
  • Graphics Software : as provided by Windows. Open Rails currently uses DirectX® - version 9.0c
  • Sound : compatible with DirectX® - version 9.0c

Do I need Microsoft Train Simulator installed to use Open Rails?

You do not need Microsoft Train Simulator installed in order to use Open Rails.

When Microsoft Train Simulator is installed, then Open Rails can safely make use of all the Microsoft Train Simulator content as it does not change any Microsoft Train Simulator files.

Most non-Microsoft Train Simulator routes, activities and rolling stock make use of some Microsoft Train Simulator content, usually sound files, textures and cab interiors. If products designed for Microsoft Train Simulator are used on a PC with Open Rails but not Microsoft Train Simulator, then they are likely to work but some sounds and textures will be missing. Such files will be listed with warnings in the Open Rails log file.

How can I recognise add-on products for Microsoft Train Simulator that require Microsoft Train Simulator files?

Add-ons designed for Microsoft Train Simulator may rely on files from the Microsoft Train Simulator product. For instance:

  • Routes provided with an Install.bat file that copies shapes and textures from the routes on the Microsoft Train Simulator CDs.
  • Locomotives that re-use cabviews or sounds from the locomotives on the Microsoft Train Simulator CDs (see folder TRAINSET).
  • Rolling stock that have sound management (SMS) files that refer to wave files from the Microsoft Train Simulator CDs (see folder SOUND).

If I install Open Rails, will it change my Microsoft Train Simulator files?

No, Open Rails does not modify any Microsoft Train Simulator files.

Does Open Rails suppport RailDriver?

Yes; this cab controller from P.I.Engineering is suitable for Open Rails and support for it is built in to the simulator. Installation instructions are included in the installation download (and also from this webpage). Eric Conrad has posted a detailed review on his MSTS Roundhouse blog which provides valuable advice for using this product.

Does Open Rails report data back to its creators?

Not at the moment. Data on how Open Rails is used will be very helpful for the project but, if we wish to collect usage data, we will inform you beforehand and you will always be able to opt out.

Recent Code Changes

  • X1.3.1-236-g8ed5f3852 Merge pull request #278 from Csantucci/drop-off-fix1 Bug fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/or/+bug/1895692
    Bug fix for False done indication on drop cars at location; by edwardk
    • 09d47e62 Removed redundant code
    • ea59e977 Update Source/Orts.Simulation/Simulation/Activity.cs
      Co-authored-by: Ryan Young
    • 192d2c34 Update Source/Orts.Simulation/Simulation/Activity.cs
      Co-authored-by: Ryan Young
    • 55c93d6c Update Source/Orts.Simulation/Simulation/Activity.cs
      Co-authored-by: Ryan Young
    • c03a91ba Bug fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/or/+bug/1895692 False done indication on drop cars at location; by edwardk
  • X1.3.1-235-gf556e503c Merge pull request #279 from YoRyan/manual-turntable-image
    Add missing turntable paths image
    • a2e0144f Restore missing turntable paths image to the manual.
  • X1.3.1-234-g38212ee58 Merge pull request #277 from twpol/feature/sphinx-quickstart-3.2.1
    feat: Clean up Sphinx build and configuration
    • 7eb86811 feat: Clean up Sphinx build and configuration
  • X1.3.1-233-g83406f19c Merge pull request #271 from peternewell/brakes-manual
    Manual Braking
    • 8e6d0496 Update VacuumSinglePipe.cs
    • 755218bd Update manual
    • ad672e13 Adjustment to steaming rate.
    • 109f2702 Correct issue with engine brake not applying.
    • 12dfd8b7 Further adjustments to steam brakes
    • e48d4484 Add delay to steam brake when operated by vacuum brake
    • a1c566cc Correct issue with steam brake pressure not showing up correctly in HuD and cab steam pressure gauge
    • d09943a3 Add steam brake display functionality to vacuum braking
    • 12967028 Adjustments to manual/steam brakes.
    • 05aed71a Adjust manual brakes to align with vacuum braking adjustments
    • d6eb02fa Adjust steam engine brake in manual braking module
    • cb3e9a15 make brake Pressure Gauge work in cab.
    • 0710cf2b Adjustments to manual braking
    • ebdc9a85 Add steam brake identification
    • de28e628 Added steam effectsfor steam brakes
    • 29f7da3c Adjustments to HUD, and separation of engine and brakeman function.
  • X1.3.1-232-geab06ddf9 Merge pull request #276 from peternewell/temp_rocket
    Adjustment to default connecting rod weights for smaller locomotives
    • 78f84bc5 Additional developer notes added
    • aa895306 Added extra step for Rocket locomotive which is only 4.5tons.
    • 88a93b83 Adjustment to default connecting rod weights for smaller locomotives
  • X1.3.1-231-gab6d68e3e Merge pull request #269 from YoRyan/track-at-center
    Move the tracking camera pivot to the center of the railcar
    • 94f7399e Move the tracking camera pivot to the center of the railcar.
  • X1.3.1-230-g810f1da44 Merge pull request #273 from YoRyan/manual-timetable-update
    Update timetable documentation
    • c0ac70c2 Document the #*clearance turntable pool parameters.
    • 0f14c942 Add timetable pools documentation.
    • 122c4004 Capitalize the "Control commands" header.
    • f779c6ed Document timetable group files (*.timetablelist-or).
    • 1a419e74 More timetable documentation clarifications courtesy of Rob Roeterdink.
    • d486bc92 Add missing commands and qualifiers to the timetable documentation. Text courtesy of Rob Roeterlink.
    • 08a8204a Update timetable documentation to reflect the new file extension and separator characters.
  • X1.3.1-229-gffee7841e Merge pull request #270 from Sharpe49/fix-signals-hsl
    Revert and new fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/or/+bug/1613304
    • a6e23901 New fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/or/+bug/1613304
    • 15c89ad2 Revert "Merge pull request #241 from Sharpe49/fix-signals-hsl"
      This reverts commit 276885daa3458e27009851a4d5950eb03eed2878, reversing
      changes made to 35d49e835bff948187fc513aee3bab426a2c5f63.
  • X1.3.1-228-g349fd039e Merge pull request #260 from cjakeman/fix-compile-warnings
    compile warnings resolved
    • 5e8f0695 refined repairs
      Refined repair for ActivityFile:Seconds and commented out ActEditor:ToolClicked
    • d1b82be1 small comment added
    • a7ba852b compile warnings resolved
      mostly by removing redundant debug statements
  • X1.3.1-227-ge3a15e3ea Merge pull request #274 from Csantucci/flipped-pantos
    Bug fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/or/+bug/1893565 Pantograph control sequence does not work correctly
    • 1ce67b9e Merge branch 'master' into flipped-pantos
    • 3710c1ac Bug fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/or/+bug/1893565 Pantograph control sequence does not work correctly
  • X1.3.1-226-g5c06f2243 Merge pull request #272 from twpol/feature/pdf-index
    build: Add index to PDFs
    • 7255765d build: Add index to PDFs
  • X1.3.1-225-g1848b2b7e Merge pull request #263 from cjakeman/timetable-briefing-ingame
    Timetable briefing ingame
    • 059795c7 restored Briefing { get; set; }
      Omitting set broke the build
    • 675e119b removed $"{}" formatting
      and restored "Start time" field but hiding any trailing command
    • c899859c refined entry in manual
      Added use of #briefing field in the #comment column
    • 53ed494e Update Source/Orts.Simulation/Simulation/Timetables/TTTrain.cs
      Co-authored-by: Ryan Young
    • 39ebd885 Revert "fix for bad track circuit"
      This reverts commit 2cecdded03aded005088fb3b9c5bb1ac7c65301a.
    • d28661d5 Merge branch 'timetable-briefing-ingame' of https://github.com/cjakeman/openrails into timetable-briefing-ingame
    • 1a7b287c added to Menu and in-game
      Optional #briefing row in *.timetable-or provides a briefing for the chosen train.
    • 8a9e6f7f added timetable-briefing for Menu
      Just copied changed files over
    • 2cecdded fix for bad track circuit
      Applies Carlo's temporary fix for
      TCSectionIndex == -1
  • X1.3.1-224-g6a50827df Merge pull request #268 from peternewell/manual-brakes
    Added Manual Brakes
    • 01ad9cce Add files via upload
    • c50ff2b6 Add manual braking function
  • X1.3.1-223-g435771148 Merge pull request #266 from cjakeman/timetable-window
    Pop to front
    • 270cafb0 Revert "added controls for timetable-window"
      This reverts commit 5125c7378837db9618cbe494d8e38f794514eae6.
    • 5125c737 added controls for timetable-window
    • 9686e250 added missing statement
      Visual Studio removed the old statement but didn't generate a replacement. Tried by hand instead.
    • 46507ba6 Pop to front
      Change WindowState from minimized to normal so DispatchWindow appears in front of graphic window, not behind.
  • X1.3.1-222-g2c7bd5583 Merge pull request #265 from Weter-ORTS/master
    Corrections & additions to Russian translation
    • f593f564 Corrections & additions to translation
      Reworked conception of key inputs arrangement in "Common" module;
      Some more strings translated, some-corrected.
  • X1.3.1-221-g9671d9817 Merge pull request #259 from YoRyan/fix-resume-couplers
    Fix duplicate couplers upon resuming from save:
    • a37e1d69 Add XML doc for the new ReadCouplersFromSave() method.
    • 37a9bc3e Fix duplicate couplers upon resuming from save: https://bugs.launchpad.net/or/+bug/1892403

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Note: No installation is necessary and multiple versions of Open Rails can co-exist in different folders.


The built-in updater checks this website for new updates once per day. The testing version is updated once per week, usually on Friday around 7pm UK time.

Unstable Version

To support development, the latest unstable version is also available, which is updated as and when we make changes to it. Previous unstable versions are available. The unstable versions are more likely to contain serious bugs and are only recommended for users wishing to help with Open Rails development.