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Changes brought in by Open Rails 1.1 (since 1.0)

Selected new features and improvements are listed below. More generally, effort has also gone into better sound, graphics, scenery, performance and the manual. In addition, compatibility with Microsoft Train Simulator content continues to improve.

New features in Open Rails 1.1

System Additions

The menu now provides quick access to included documentation. New options have been added for limiting the safe speed through curves, which include penalties, and for automatically correcting faulty parameters in locomotives.

New keyboard commands can be used to cut off all power or all brakes on a locomotive, while multiplayer can now connect directly to domain names.

Environment Additions

Wagons are now able to have multiple "freight animations" attached, including the ability to be loaded and unloaded through player-triggered animations.

Activities can now dynamically change the weather as a normal part of gameplay, and additional sound triggers have been added for brake pipes, cylinder cocks and more.

3D cab views are loaded by default, when present, and new cab controls for gears and projected speed have been added.

Locomotive Additions

Support for auxiliary tenders, blended dynamic brakes, and EP brake partial release have all been added, while engine brakes have been extended to work with tenders.

Operation Additions

You can now switch control between all available player, AI and static trains in-game, refuel from water troughs, and engage manual mode (signalling) whilst still moving.

Restricted speed zones in activities have been added, and AI trains can now request permission to pass signals at danger.

General Improvements

Sound distance cut-off has been improved, along with a new looping algorithm and better compatibility with stereo/mono switching for cab/outside views. Dynamic sounds controlled by variables 1, 2 and 3 have also been improved.

The option for joining/splitting trains during an activity have been improved, with more options for the player and AI trains. Super-elevation has been improved while vibration has been replaced with harmonic rocking for a better feel.

A number of brake-related improvements have also been made for compatibility and accuracy.

Detailed Changelog

A full list of changes is available.